My story


Who is natalie?

The pics say it all.

(There is approx. 10 years between the first pic and the last pic. Number 3 is when I actively started making changes and number 6 was on 29.12.2019) 


I USED to be a woman filled with so much emotional pain, I had no pride, no self-worth, no self-esteem. 

I was an empty shell just showing up in life each day, that wasn't living. 


I looked for happiness in things and people. 

I would purchase things hoping they would fill a void, I used people as a crotch to fill my need for happiness and I also ate all the wrong foods in ridiculous amounts, believing that would make me happy. 

What do these 3 things all have in common? 

They are a temporary fix.  

Today I am strong, I am confident. I have unconditional love for myself. I have emotional intelligence. 

I am happy and I am the best version of me to date. 

I am grateful for my journey, as I don't believe I'd be where I am today without it. 

I am a Mother to 3 adult children, I am soon to be a Grandmother, and I am a Grandma to 3 beautiful fur babies. 

The gym is like my second home. I train hard and love it. I also take group classes twice a week at the local gym. 

I believe in a balanced lifestyle. 

I like trying new adventures. 

I admit I'm not perfect and that I've made a lot of mistakes. 

You can't change the past, but you can learn from it! 

As a businesswoman, I am an expert in Transforming women's lives. 

I specialise in working with women who 'want to be happy'

I work with women to transform their mindset, so they can become the best version of themselves. 

We transform the negative head chatter and limiting beliefs. 

We work on the sub-conscious mind and get to the root of the issue. 

I don't even need to know the story!

The process is simple, painless and fast. The long term results are phenomenal. 


I am certified as: 

Transformologist ® 

Life Coach

Group Trainer 

Personal Trainer


My favourite quote:

You can go to the gym and workout every day for the rest of your life, but unless you work on the mind as well, you won't get very far! 

Some of the Blockages that I have had cleared personally, through the Creatrix® process

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of rejection

I don't trust anyone 

I am not worthy


Comparing myself to others



I'm an emotional eater

Being overweight is hereditary 

Fear of love

Fear of being seen


As well as a few others..... 

'MY' Before and after Creatrix® sessions

I can't even relate to the before 'ME' that is in the before shots, let alone the after ones.

When I attended the course I had recently been made redundant and the future terrified me. 

I didn't think I was worthy of finding another job, I didn't think I had suitable qualifications to find another job. I felt helpless and useless.
Creatrix® has completely transformed my life.
I no longer care about what others think of me.

I now live my passion and purpose, I am happy and I LOVE myself. 

When life throws a spanner in the works, I am now able to deal with it without becoming anxious or overwhelmed and diving into an emotional eating frenzy is a thing of the past. 

My mindset has been transformed 100%.