Is a breakthrough for you?


a breakthrough is not for everyone

A breakthrough is not for everyone. I've had many clients choose not to have a breakthrough and that is OK.   

a breakthrough will take you out of your comfort zone

To have a successful breakthrough, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is only temporary, it will make you own your beliefs, your actions and in-actions.

is it worth it?

100% it's worth it. Personally, for the growth that I have had from my own breakthroughs, I am unable to put a price on it. It is priceless! I have transformed from the caterpillar to the butterfly. My before and after video doesn't even come close to the woman I am today.  

So what is this breakthrough all about?

It's about transforming limiting and negative beliefs, so that you can strive forward and make the changes in your life that you have been dreaming of. 

What is Creatrix®?




It’s not for men, there's a separate solution for them.
It’s not a pill, potion or lotion.
It’s not meditation, hypnotherapy, NLP or any other therapy.
It’s non-traumatic. Doesn’t cause you to re-experience pain.
It’s not a religious or spiritual modality.
I don’t work in groups.

So, what is CREATRIX®️

It’s the missing link in female psychology. Designed specifically for WOMEN by a woman for the unique way the female brain/body works.

It’s one of a kind, unlike anything you have EVER tried before.

It’s a closed eye break-free process that works on cleaning your perception filters and clearing the unconscious mind of any sabotaging thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are holding you back from living the life you want.

It re-codes your mind with all the positive wisdom and confidence that is needed to function better and more consistently. Promoting self-worth and love. Helping you to make decisions that are right for you.

Based on the science of Epigenetics and how your family genes play a part in determining your life quality.

I work with individuals with their own individual problems.

It works fast. 2-4 sessions is usually all that is needed to move forward with confidence.

It’s pleasant & non traumatic.

It’s permanently lasting with guaranteed outcomes.

CREATRIX®️ improves your life and relationships dramatically or helps you to make the hard decisions you need to let go, eliminating chronic emotional and inherited conditions, such as:


Feelings of self-loathing, doubt, disbelief, being unworthy or unlovable.

Disciplined women who follow instructions, have had truly AMAZING results.

If you are 100% ready to move forward, contact me for more information. Or pass on my details to someone you know may be suffering.

Speaking from personal experience - this process saves lives ❤️

Why women differ from men? 

Women were born with a Uterus and have a monthly cycle. Even if you’ve had a hysterectomy or been through menopause, you still have a cycle. 

We are born nurturers and link everything to an emotion. 

We tend to put ourselves last and put everyone else’s health and happiness before our own. 

We often believe others are more important than ourselves. 

We find it difficult to say NO. 

We are often people pleasers. 

We find self-love difficult because of lack of confidence, low self-esteem, lack of worthiness etc.  

Most women are not programmed naturally for business or to acquire wealth and struggle with achieving their goals, that’s because these have very masculine elements to fit the male brain.
Women need to worker harder to achieve these things, that men find easy and why women are more prone to burnout. 

There is so much to learn about the female brain! 

Creatrix® Breakthrough


Breakthrough using creatrix


Have you had enough of sitting in your sh*t, having the same old patterns stuck on repeat? Have you had enough of not living the life you want?

If you ARE ready to TRANSFORM YOUR life, and rock the sh*t out of the rest of your life, instead of sitting with the same old sh*t. Then read on, then TAKE ACTION and contact me. Lets get the rest of your life rocking! 

Check out the "What is Creatrix®" video & licensing confirmation.

By clicking on the link below you are able to find out more about Creatrix® and also check for yourself, that I am a licensed Creatrix® Transformologist®




Set aside some quiet time for yourself, let's chat and see where you are at. You don't need to tell me Your full story. 

I am trained to be able to identify beliefs and blockages in normal conversation. 

This can be done in person, on the phone or via Zoom. 


At the end of the call, I will outline what I have learned during our call, how I can help, and decide if we are a good fit to work together. 

Application process.

The application process is crucial and requires 100% honesty.  With holding information  can affect the outcome of your breakthrough, 

Let's do this.

You are not alone after your breakthrough. You have the option of continuing your journey   

Providing your application is successful, we will then book in your sessions. 

After your breakthrough

You are not alone after your breakthrough. You have the option of continuing your journey alone, with advice on how to make the most of your breakthrough and we will have regular check ins, OR, you can opt for coaching to give you that extra boost so you progress even quicker. 

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are ready to get the results you deserve, reach the goals you've dreamed of, then you need to contact me.